The Beaverton Boom (Not That Loud)

Just after 9 PM on April 8th, 2010, another boom was heard in the Portland suburb Beaverton. This happened just a week and a half after the Portland Boom.

WAKE UP PPL: the Beaverton Boom was only heard in a few neighborhoods in Beaverton, while the Portland Boom was heard for over 70 miles.

Maybe it was some punk kids playing with firecrackers. I could see high school kids hearing about the Portland Boom fiasco and wanting to get in on the action. But guess what kids? Firecrackers don't actually make that loud of a noise, AND NEITHER DO PIPE BOMBS.

Was the Beaverton Boom a Hoax?

The Beaverton Boom was obviously a hoax to discredit the Portland Boom.

Let's face it: the "pipe bomb" explanation of the Beaverton Boom is in a word: laughable. Whoever came up with this wants to distract us away from the real calamity that is the Portland Boom.

Tell Beaverton Police Chief Geoff Spalding to just say no to cops playing with firecrackers.


What Do You Think Caused The Beaverton Boom?